85 xt600 stator pickup (re)wire

Well, I took off the stator cover to fix the potted grommet oil leak and was not too shocked to see very brittle wires coming off the pickup for the stator. By the time I got the cover to the work bench, the white/red stripe wire let go! Upon further inspection, I decided it was best to replace all 3 wires....the green and the white/green stripe.

I'm using a replacement white wire for the white/red stripe and brown wire for the white/green stripe. Green wire for the green....all in 16ga.

I noticed the factory solder connection of the wires to the pickup uses a mechanical crimp with the solder, so I will be using crimps too! Should be done by noon or so on Saturday..,

Spliced job ready for connections;

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1383367655.237233.jpg

Broken wire with factory crimp on end on the right, my replacement crimp I will be using on the left;

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1383367774.973722.jpg

....while I was at it I made a new neutral indicator wire as it was rock hard where it passes thru the side cover....

looks good i wonder how much more punch the stator/ starter will have with the new wires let us know if you feel any diffrence

Wire broke again right at the base where it comes out of the pickup


New stator assembly on order!

I think I'd try excavating around that broken 'base' to see if enough could be exposed for soldering .

It can't hurt the unit any more than tossing it .

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