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2011 450 Carb tuning~please help me!

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Hey guys,


I own a 2011 450 and I cannot for the life of me figure out the carb....the bike was bogging from 0 to 1/4 throttle when I gave it a good crack at idle...it had been feeling a little sluggish out of corners on the track and Im definetley feathering the clutch more through corners to keep the rev range up to fire out of the berm...My sole intention in all of this was to make it nice and crisp..i realize it is not FI,but it definetley performed better with a harder hit.


I initially thought a jet was blocked up,and still could possibly be as the bike sat the 3 months...so I called a bike mechanic to ask about disassembling the carb....I told him my issue and he said hold on..before I go disassembling the carb,that its probably my ac pump screw...So!,off I went to the carb and removed the plastic housing...before I touched that I tightened my accelerator cable...took out some play and felt/feels great.


I gave the ac pump screw a half turn in/out etc but at no time found any 'extended rev' or shortened by doing this?


Next I went to my idle adjustment..i grabbed my manual and screwed in the air screw~turned the screw 1.5 half turns out....its at this point in the manual that I don't understand?....it says to turn the air screw clockwise until idle falls.....and idle adjustment counter clockwise and find the highest reving point between the 2?......how do I know where to start my idle screw having screwed in the mixture screw all the way and backing it out 1.5 turns??.....ive read it over and over again but I cant seem to make any sense of it!!??......


Anyway!,i accept full responsibility for whatever the hell ive done but now ofcourse I cant figure this thing back out....and needles to say I am beyond frustrated!!!!!..the bike starts and I can rev it....but I have definetley done something wrong....either flooding it with ac pump screw...or idle.


Soooo! Tomorrow the plan is to completly remove the carb and clean inside and out ...bowl,ac pump diaphragm...the whole bit...then starting from scratch,go right thru it.


Please could somebody explain to me how exactly I set the idle correctly?....I know to screw air screw in all the way,1.5 out ...but where does my idle screw need to be?,,,i read it shouldnt be more than 2 turns.


How do I set the correct squirt on the ac pump?..take it out of bike,attach throttle cable and watch?...ive read that it should fall short of the slide...


Man....so annoying!!!! any link or page or youtube video would be highly appreciated .....I have searched high and low but cant seem to find anything on a keihn carb and how to set it.


Thankyou very much in advance.







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