best jetting for all around use?

I have 2007 drz400e. Have put on BB kit 434. Already has 3x3 and am about to put on mrd/ssw exhaust. I have a JD jet kit to add and was wondering what the best settings to use. I am in a hot and humid climate. Will be averaging altitudes from sea level to 1,500 m (5,000 ft). Also have the slant body carb. Any suggestions would be great,thanks.

You didn't need to buy a jet kit , but anyway you have it now...?

For open pipe

Use the blue needle ,clip 4

155 main jet

2.25 turns fuel screw

remove the coast enrichener

If it has a 60 pilot air jet , join the ports on the carb with a left over piece of hose and cap the port on the head...

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Was given JD kit from friend.Why remove the coast enrichener? If I decide to cork exhaust should use 150 mj or just use clip 3?

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The coast enrichener richens the fuel mixture on deceleration to prevent backfiring...It's basically an air cut off valve that relys on engine vacuum..

The CE over time tends to become inconsistent..It can stick,the rubber deteriorates and can cause jetting issues...

Removing it simplifies the jetting of the low speed circuit... ...

The CE is a band aid to cover up a overly lean pilot circuit...A properly tuned pilot circuit does not need a coast enrichener...

It's excess clutter that your carb can live without...


Use a 150 main jet for corked,


needle setting should be ok...but often can require going to clip 3, just see how it runs....

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