03 wr250f exaust

ok im confused... the exaust tip on my bike says gytr so I thought it was aftermarket and its sorta loud for a trail bike... but I see the magazines testing the bike from back in 03 and it had that same tip... I know they come very chocked up stock... is an aftermarket tip one of the liberties they took in uncorking it? thanks

The stock tip that the bike came with had a hole about the size of a pencil in the end, really choking it up but making it pass EPA sound requirements.   The GYTR tip is from Yamaha, something many dealers would put in when they sold the bikes.  


I have an 01, it came with that when I bought it used.  Way too loud for me.  I got an FMF Q4, quieter and ran a little better.  Then got the megabomb, noticeably quieter than with just the Q4. 

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