cam chain tensioner issues ...

OK so i am currently attempting to adjust the valves on my 250 sxf. so far i have got the clearances and then attempted to remove the cam chain tensioner i first remove the 17mm nut on the outside(also oil has not been removed). this is all fine i then go to remove the 21mm nut that holds the tensioner in and this does not budge. i try to put all my weight on this and it will still not budge unfortunately because of the placement of the cam chain tensioner relevant to the frame of the bike i cannot fit a socket in and thus a breaker bar. though i am afraid that im going to end up stripping the bolt. so i dont know what to do is the thread opposite so do i torque it clockwise. do i need to remove the oil. please help.


Is this on a 250? My wife's bike has the same issue. Just be sure to use a 12 pt combo wrench. No reverse thread. If you can get a combo on there you can take another combo and put the "round" end over the open end and use as a breaker. 

thanks for the imput gave it a try but the spanner was just stripping the bolt. so i had to take the engine out to get it off so now my question is with the cam chain tensioner do i put it in like this and then jab the little silver button on the back when it is in?

wy take the engine out , just remove the 2 (front and bottom) long engine mounting bolts and lose the tension on the swingarm /engine bolt nut so you can lift up the front  of the engine a bit to place a socket on it . did you have the crank on tdc and lock it with the allen bolt. when you puth it back together push in the tensioner al the way in til abouth 2-3 mm and see that it stays there . install the tensioner with the big cap and tighten this . now you can do 2 things , 1 put a little round piece of metal in the little hole in the center of the cap ,there where the little cap goes , and push the tensioner inwards and release it and see the tensioner goes out, or 2  take a flat screwdriver and place it between the chain and the front slider from above and push the slider to the front so it hits the tensioner and release it . if you doing good the chain will tighten .

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