CRF250R vs CRF450X vs KTM 450XC-W suspension

So I have a 2012 CRF250R and am thinking of selling it and getting a used CRF450X.

One of the things I dislike about the 250R is the valving which is too harsh for a woods bike.

Does the 450X have woods/trail type valving, or did Honda put MX valving in it?

Alternatively I am thinking about a ktm 450xc-w, how does the suspension setup compare?

Yes, the CRF450x has softer valving but still a little stiff for woods but good. KTM is softer yet.

I rode a 2009 CRF450X in Connecticut woods for about 8 months every weekend.

CT. woods = tons of rocks (unless trail is new or seldom used) with a dose of exposed tree roots thrown in for good measure.


The CRF had excellent control and stability, with an overall firm feel that lent toward the feeling of that stability.

If felt good for going fast, basically.


If you wanted a plusher ride for rock gardens and the like, you'll probably want to reduce damping and lean it more toward woods, as the stock setup feels more like an open terrain/desert setup.

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