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CRF250L - yay or nay?

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Hey guys,


I've been following the forums for quite a long time now and decided to ask my question here because I think that there's a lot of really competent people here. Maybe someone could help me make my decision, that would be awesome! :)


As the title suggests, I'm considering buying a Honda CRF250L. The problem is: Even though I'm not overly tall (about 6' straight), I've got a 34" inseam and after going through a lot of reviews, videos and opinions about the CRF, I'm really worried that my legs are way too long for being able to comfortably stand on her while riding or even waiting at traffic lights. And while I only weigh about 145 lbs which really shouldn't ask too much from the soft suspension, I'm also a bit worried about how this little bike is going to look and feel if a second person is sitting behind me?! I mean, is the back going to touch the ground then?  :mellow:  What do you guys (and girls) think about it? Would getting a higher (and maybe wider) seat from the saddler do the job or will I have to invest more time and money? 


I've also considered buying a WR250R 'cause of her awesome seat height, the nice ascending seat and especially the impressive size of the whole bike, but truth be told I do prefer the CRFs very modern and friendly looks and her instrument panel hands down - she looks so much nicer than the WR, imo!  :thinking:


Since the bike's going to be my only vehicle, it will have to cope with a lot of different situations: 

  • daily commuting, 365 days a year, in Summer and Winter likewise.
  • having some fun in the dirt (trails, fire roads, woods, shallow rivers...)
  • riding alone and/or together with my girlfriend (70/30)
  • travelling some hundred miles on the Austrian Autobahn (freeway, 80 mph speed limit)
  • I really love standing up while riding!
  • etc.


Going any bigger than 250cc isn't an option since I want to keep the insurance fee, the total running-costs and especially the weight as low as possible. As I said, I really love the little CRF and I'm a Honda-fanboy through and through, but I really wonder if I'd be better off with the much taller WR250. I don't mind the simple suspension at all since I don't weigh a lot, but the size is what worries me a lot. Unfortunately, there isn't any dealer nearby who has a CRF in his showroom, so I don't have the possibility to sit on or even test her.  :unsure:



Thanks a lot for your answers and your advices, they're very much appreciated! :-)





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I would deeply consider the WR250r alott more, It may not seem all that look wise, but it's the top performer of the Jap Dual sports bar none, DRz is from 1998 and people do leave their Drz's for wr s, but no ones done the opposite, The WR will have a lot more power then the CRF to, not so much a budget bike

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