Yz250 Blaster

So I have an 89 Yz250 engine I wanna set up in my blaster for dragging. My question is what is the difference in the 89 from say the 99? I notice all the BBK I see are from 99-2011? Just need a little insight on what to look for as far as performance.

The 99+ is the most current gen motor and is leaps and bounds better than the old gen motor. The only years I would honestly stay away from is the 95-98. Those motors blow unless you are going to throw some serious coin at it (don't ask me how I know).


Give EG a call. He can give you some great info on your Yz motor and what exactly needs to be done with it to make it run as you would like. If there is anyone that can do it, it is him.


Take a look at this article. He goes through all the faults and places that the motor can be improved upon in this book. Its a must read for every Yz owner IMO.


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