Where does the 65 fit in?

I have an 11 and 7 year old. I've never riddin a 65 but I have an 85. Everyone I talk too says the 65 is way too much bike for my 7 yr old coming off his crf50. Ok then they say my 11 year old is way too big for a 65. Some have even said the 65 is close to the 85 just smaller. Which I hardly believe that. Id love to ride one just to see. But anyhow, WHERE DOES THIS LITTLE BEAST FIT IN? and what's the truth to this bike from someone with experience? What's the step below it? Ktm50 is the only one i see. The klx, crf100 are much bigger/taller. Sz wise the crf 70 is the closest I've seen.

Any of the 65 minis are very fast race bikes with a manual clutch. Check out the klx 110

Thx for reply. I am checking the 110 out. We do mostly track riding though. Its hard to make the my mind up when its in between ages. But my main question is where does the 65 fit it? What for kids ride before the get a 65?

They'd be on a 50cc two stroke like a ktm mini thats much more race and track oriented than a crf50.  Coming from trail bikes to a motocross focused race bike is shocking no matter the age and size, just have to ease into it.  

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