Any advice on buying a KTM 620 or 640

So, currently debating between 3 bikes, all on Craislist. My goal is to buy a dual sport that is reliable and not too heavy with huge horse power and street legal. 


-1999 KTM 640 Adventure, street legal


-1998 KTM 620, needs starter but kicks over, street legal LC4 engine


-2000 XR650R that would be need to be made street legal


They are all within the same price range. I'm pretty sure these KTM models are not common and I'm a bit worried about ease of getting parts and getting advice from forums. Also I've heard good things about other KTM models, but are these worth buying? What is the LC4 engine? Do both of these bikes have it? Is it good? The XR is great but making it street legal is more money and effort.

Thanks for any input.

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Xr, cheap easy parts


Owned a 04' XR650R for five years and loved it! The only bike I bought new, wish I still had it! Getting ready to buy a 06 KTM 640 Adv. This week I hope!

Ya the XR is sure a great bike to drive, if I could find one being sold street legal I'd get the best of both worlds. I know they are out there.

KTM lc4 engines are tough.

either one will work. You need to check for parts availability before you buy.

I have seen quite a few up for sale lately. Makes you wonder why.

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