Quick: Help ! How do you uncork a TE511

I'm looking to purchase a 2013 TE511 and I want to add in the financing whatever I need to get it to run well. WHAT DO I NEED?



 To get it to run right you may just need the power up plug-in.  For optimal performance I would recommend an aftermarket

muffler (FMF Power Core 4 was my choice and I love it) and a Power Commander V.    I would also recommend finding a mechanic

who really knows FI  and how to dial in your PCV. Once dialed in the 511 is an off-road beast. 

I don't know what u are using the bike for but if its for onroad use. think twice. i have this bike and think it should be bypassed unless u are using for motocross only.......

I have one. get the power up plug 10 bucks. if u can find one .         then get a fmf powercore 4 slip on. and remove the smog can........and u are set.......wont cost much..........fmf power core i think I got for 250 bucks!   I don't like the fact the bike has no key, no neutral light, and the gears seem a bit finiky. but ok, u can buy cheap.......how much are u paying?  new or used?

at this point I wouldn't pay a penny over 6k.........for a 2013 husky te511 considering its old technology at this point......what are u using bike for?

contact ZipTy racing they were the only ones racing this model at the US Nat level in off road and have continued to develope these bikes for the past few years.

I love my TE511 but true I did not not at first but 275.00 later she rocks. I ride mostly off road but I wanted a big bore offroad bike with a tagable title, bam TE511 best price by 3500.00. let tell you what I did, after much research I installed the FMF power core 4 muffler then went to my husky dealer and had them load the AKRO race map on my ECU once they did that I installed the jumper in the race map switch plug this puts the ECU in race mode 2 now she is a beast there is more things you can do just like  every bike to further tune it to your liking myself I ride mostly single track so I changed my front sprocket to a 13 tooth this gave me a slower first gear I don't care about the top speed I lost my bike will still go 85 and I don't plan on going that fast very often, then I put a new tire I chose the Michelin Trial Xlite 120/100 - 18 on the rear now I'm crawling the roots and rocks and I have a tag if I need to blast a fire road to another trail I don't have to worry about a 275 fine or do what I did when I was 15 so for me it was a no brainer, could you imagine what you could do with the 3500 saved by buying the husky instead of the basically only other option KTM which bought Husky and has done away with Husky's big bore street legal woods bike so if you are like me and live in a state that wont let you tag a bike that didn't come from the factory street legal you can hope to find a 2013 husky for 6000 or go get a KTM for 9500 Oh yeah the reason I don't count the big 4 Japanese Bike in this category is the weight my TE511 is 250lbs.

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