650r oil Q,

im changin the pigs oil, only oil no filter, what is the exact amount i should add? i keep hearing difrent numbers and storys online. 

i pump the kickstarter with the engine drain bolt off and get all the oil out i can. would this change the amount i need to put in when changing my oil ?, 


Or you could just spend $5 and change the oil filter.. Don't take short cuts

You are going to get different opinions on this, the "official" factory amount is 2 quarts without a filter change. With my cooler setup (adds capacity), I can dump almost 2 1/2 quarts to bring the level to full...

My technique (which I found here) is to ride the bike for 10-15 miles and then check the level, adding as necessary. These are NON-FREEWAY miles!

I change my filter every third or fourth oil change but I also change my oil every 500-800 miles. The factory method of checking the oil has not proven reliable for me and this was discovered during tests conducted while the bike was BONE stock...

I usually check my oil when I get home from work, I know it is at proper temperature and the scavenge side of the pump has had time to clear excess oil out of the crankcase.

There are some pdf's online which illustrate the lube system of the XR series in detail. Hope this helps...

Edit: my response for the oil quantity refers to the amount for the L model, not the R. Your factory listed quantity will likely differ but the other items are still relevant as both bikes are dry sump and share similar lubrication systems...

When I don't change the filter, I still pull it out to get rid of the few ounces of used oil in the filter chamber.

Maybe I'm missing something.. Why not just change your oil filter every time? You can get tusk oil filters for 2.99 a piece. Keep that engine as clean as possible. I guess the motors are bullet proof is that the theory behind not changing the oil filter every time?

well i drained the oil, kick the bike over to get all the oil out i could, didnt change filter till next time, and added exactly 1.6 qts and ran the bike around for a while then shut it off and checked oil level and its a little past the middle range soo i think i should be good for the weekend down in baja

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