Has anyone changed their tail light on the 650L?

I have a 250L which has the same rear fender and tail light as the 650L.  I  want to change my tail light to something less obtrusive like this Acerbis unit:




I want to keep my fender and tube frame under the fender because I bungee camping gear and saddle bags to the rear fender.  A rack is unnecessary weight.  Changing the tail light will allow sleeping bag to sit lower on fender.  


Also my stock  turn signals are in the way, so I need to move those back next to the tail light.  For safety's sake, I want the lighting to be as bright or brighter than stock.


This is another option with integrated flashers:




The Baja design and Tusk don't seem like they would work on the fender which slopes down 45 degrees.  I think I want to keep the original fender with tube subframe.


This is how I position my camping gear, as far back as possible, so I have full movement on the seat:  


Any thoughts? 






Also sicassracing.com has some nice flush mount LED turn signals. They have a signal flasher for them too. I run them on my bike with no issues.

What about DOT approved.  That could be a problem here in Nazi land.  

What about DOT approved.  That could be a problem here in Nazi land.

As long as they light up I don't think you are going to get pulled over. These blinkers are bright and most cops don't check for that kind of thing here or would even be able to tell the difference. Not a problem in the Bay Area. It's great we don't have inspections like other states.

i use some amber leds that are surface mount from walmart.

Here is what I have just as another idea



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