Plasti dip

Anyone else on here plasti dip their rims? I did, and in going riding tomorrow (in mostly sand and maybe trails) and wandering how durable this stuff is. I've been scared to even wash my bike because I don't want anything to peel off or something lol it just looks so beautiful! .. It was quite a bit of work and I'd rather not go thru the process again.

Feel free to comment and suggest!

Iv been wanting to do my rims to, how many coats did you do? Let's us know if it holds up well!!

I did 5 coats on each side of each rim. So technically I guess 10 coats per rim. There's a few tricks I learned of how to make the process easier and a few mishaps but overall I think it was a success. It's way cheaper than buying new rims and if it doesn't work out then I'm only out like 10 bucks. Plus It looks great and yeah I'll let you know how it holds up after I ride. Crossing my fingers! lol

ive heard that eventually it will come off, just keep spraying it if it does

Yeah that's what I'll probably keep doing if it does come off. At least until I get tired of respraying then I'll just rip it all off.. No big deal

My son just plasti dipped his car today.  Came out pretty good for a first try.

Yeah I'm impressed with it. Good product for the price

I've had on the rims of my cr for about 6 months now and out holds up great even gone threw a couple tire changes and still holding up well

Good to hear!

I plasti dipped mine a few weeks ago. and went to chadwick, they lasted about all ride, until I got stuck on a steep uphill and lost momentum and rear tire dug into the rocky soft top soil and my rear rim was pretty shot, I peeled it off. think it all depends on the terrain you ride..

Makes sense. It's not unstoppable, especially against rocks I guess

what part of mo you from?

St. Louis area. You?

 lake of the Ozarks area

I'm from Alton Illinois just basically right across the river!

That's pretty cool man. I just got back from St. Joe Park in Park Hills MO today and sometimes I ride on the river bank in Illinois, it's always a good time

Springfield area here.. I wouldn't plasti dip my rims because like the other guy said Chadwick will take the coating off.

After riding in the sand and through some pretty rocky areas and a few trails plasti dip has held up pretty well I'd say. Only one spot where it seems to have taken a blow but it's not bad

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