13 450 sxf oil viscosity

Not looking to start another huge oil debate just wanna know if anybody with a 13 450 sxf is using rotella t6, I know it's good oil cause I've used it for years in my crfs, but I'm just worried about it being too thin because of Ktm saying our bikes need 10-50 or 10-60, and the rotella being 5-40.

Thats a loaded question. What type of riding, are you a racer, what kind of ambient temps, rekluse, no rekluse  clutch abuser? If you want objective information do a google search for oil company websites. If you want subjectivism and conjecture, stick around.

I don't think Rotella T6 has the additives necessary to run a dry clutch. I know the certification states it does, but even the manufacturer states it is NOT a motorcycle oil.

The higher viscosity helps with oil burning at high temps. You'll find the lower viscosity oil's will burn a bit more. But otherwise, it seems the wear characteristics of 10w40 - 10w60 are pretty much identical.

Truth be told, if you change your oil a lot and do motor builds on KTM's schedule, any decent synthetic oil will protect your motor. Sure, I'm a believer in certain brands and viscosities, but thats what an oil debate thread is for! heh ;)

For you, a motorcycle specific 10w50 or 10w60 will do just fine.

Yes, Rotella will be just fine.......


Combine that with a million guys run the stuff in their bikes with no issues why would it be any different for you?

I'm gonna stick with the motorex for now, found it cheaper at Amazon!

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