Kx80 starting problems

Hello. I am working on a 92 kx80. Just rebuilt carb, new gas, plug, 32 to 1 mix. Etc. It only starts when i pour gas in the carb and it only burns the gas i pour in it. It does not seem to draw gas from the tank. When it is running it idles very high. Ive pulled the carb apart twice and im 99.9% sure there is no trash in it. What your thoughts. Could it be not enough vacuum? If so how do i fix it. Also it has good compression at 120.any advise would be great thank you.

 Get a service manual

Set the carb float level

Set the carb air screw correctly

Put in a NEW pilot jet

How long does the 120 ft/lbs last? How long to leak down?

I put new pilot jet in. Float level it set correct. Have not done leak down test though. Will check air screw

Thanks for the reply

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ok here is what got so far. Ive done a leak down test. with good results. it held 6 psi for 30 min. Every thing i check is good. it still only starts when fuel is poured into carb and only burns what was poured in. and its hard to start on top of that. carb is clean fresh gas good compression. when it does start it runs wide open.!!!!!?????? i am about to give it up dont know what else to do. please help. thanks for your time.

It sounds like the left side crank seal is bad.

thank you everyone for ALL the info you guys were so much much help. but none of you were right i figured it out thanks a bunch 

well what was it, petcock off

yep the petcock was off... no not really. the crank seal would not be bad cause it held pressure for ever. it was still really simple. i just bought this thing and there was allot of loose ends. the guy before me put a new throttle cable on and never adjusted it right he just tightened it down. so i assumed it was good. so when i got everything else adjusted right it wanted to run wot when started. it is now running true. sorry for the jab earlier. i was ready to light it on fire. 

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