Have it narrowed down to (2) Bikes help me decide

Have been looking for a new DS.have it down to two.

The first is an 08 xr650l with 4,400 miles bone stock and mint shape.

The other is an 07 xr 650l with 11,000 with a pipe and Dave's mods also in excellent shape.

The price difference is about $600

Which would you choose ?

Thanks, Gary

I would go with the low mile bike every time, honestly though I would DS a 650r...way better package to work with in my opinion

The loer the mileage the better.........



Go with the 2008, for a few reasons;

1. Lower miles

2. Newer even though nothing has really changed with these bikes since production began

3. Stock so you can start from scratch and get the knowledge from doing the work yourself

4. You won't be saving much money from buying the cheaper bike with a pipe

Go look at both, one may be in better shape then the other which will help you make your decision. Good look with your purchase.

Edited by craftsman13

Thanks I am leaning towards the 08 so I can mod it the way I want..

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