Project Mini Threat: My XR 100 Build - From Ashy to Classy

Good afternoon guys and gals.  First I'd like to give a big thanks to this site, as it has provided a ton of great and useful info during my build which I can "hopefully" say is nearing the end of its journey.  Most of my questions were almost always answered by scouring this forum and I also learned a lot of great additional info along the way.  I've been working on my XR for the better part of 2 years now (many delaying factors), and since I was able to get so much help from members and threads here, I thought I would finally sign up and share what I have been working on.


Disclaimer:  This is my first "build" (and build thread for that matter) so I understand there are many things I have probably overlooked along the way, but it has been a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to finally reaping the benefits and actually riding this thing!  I do not race, nor did I build it for that purpose.  This will be nothing more than a backyard toy to ride and have fun with as some of my buddies in the area also have minis they are working on. 


I picked this up about 2 years ago:  1998 XR 100.  It was in "pieces" and looked like it had seen way better days.  I'll be honest, I like the styling of the 2001+ XRs/CRFs, but I wanted to do something a little different since there are so many of that style being built.  I like the old school look of the 2000 down years, and wanted to build something that was different, but still kept a lot of the OEM look and style.  I will say, the more I worked on it, the more the older style grew on me.


They day I snagged it:  It was a rust-bucket roller.  I got the roller, a tub with the motor, and a milk crate with everything else he had..............sweet.  There was no guarantee on the motor even being salvageable, but for $100, I couldn't turn it down.




Just for a reference..............This is how its sitting as of now:



I have 200+ pics that I am going through as we speak.  I will post the different stages as I go through the pics.

An abridged mods list includes:

Powdercoated frame, swingarm, wheels, misc parts

A ton of new OEM hardware

Motor tear down and rebuild (in progress right now)

BBR 120cc Big Bore

BBR Rev Box

BBR springs, front and rear

In process of finishing the BBR fat bar set up (not shown in pic)

BBR Frame Cradle

FMF Powercore Exhaust (most likely getting swapped for a BBR D-Section)

New plastics

Sanded and painted tank (new OEM graphics)

K&N Filter

New Bridgestone tires and new tubes

BBR dress up items - chain guide, shift lever

etc, etc, etc.


Again, first build, first thread, so I just wanted to start off with the intro and will be working on getting pics together and getting this updated very soon.  If all goes well with the motor build, I hope to have the bike completed by the time I fly home for Christmas vacation (heavy travel for work).  Thanks for looking.  And of course, all questions, comments, and critics welcome!

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So as I said, when I bought it, it was in several different piles.  The good thing however, and most important to me was, it was almost complete.  I found it on a local forum, and after some haggling I drove out to the guys house and brought it home for $100!!!


A few more pics of when I got it:


Once I got it home, I surveyed what I had, started making a list of what I would need, and started to formulate an idea in my head of what I wanted to build.  I travel 3 weeks out of the month for work, so I had to work on it when I was at home and on extended downtime, and was lucky enough to be able to store it and work on it at a good friends garage.


I wanted to focus on the frame/chassis first: and started to tear everything down as I had pretty much decided I wanted to do as close to a complete tear-down/rebuild as I could:




A huge thanks to one of my best friends aka: The Mad Scientist (pictured above), for all of his time, help, and space while working on and getting this thing back together.  He was actually doing his first build at the same time - 1998 Harley 883 hardtail conversion, all done himself, which you will see in some of the future pics.  He just finished and it turned out incredible.    


Once most of it had been taken apart, it was time to go see my buddy who has a powdercoating shop!

So once we had gotten the frame apart, I started to get a pile together of things that I wanted to take to my powdercoater.  I of course wanted to take the frame and swingarm, but since I was making a trip out there, I figured I would go ahead and take a few more items as well.  While pondering this, I also thought about the wheels.  I knew I was going to need new tires and tubes anyway, so I figured what the hell, and had the wheels de-laced at a friends shop, and took the rings as well.  I had given thought to aftermarket wheels, but being so early on in the build, I decided to take advantage of getting a lot of stuff sandblasted and shot all at once.

So in turn, I decided to take the frame, swingarm, suspension linkage, engine hanger, pegs, bars and wheel rings all at once to get sprayed.


Some before shots:



From there, the biggest kicker was what color scheme I wanted to go with.  I HATED the red frame, but I knew I wanted to keep with the "Honda" red theme somehow.  I have always loved BBR, and everything they put out, and put together.  I was looking for products on their site, and came across a few ideas, but still wasn't 100% sure.  I went back and forth for a while, and finally came up with a color scheme that I thought would look good, set it apart a little, yet still retain the Honda colors and theme.  


I will say, my guy is good.  He has a great attention to detail, and always hooks it up.  He cleans and then sandblasts everything before shooting it with the powder.  He did parts for my ZX-6, my girlfriends GSX-R, the Mad Scientist's Harley, and a few other of my buddies' bikes.  He's also shot a few sets of truck wheels for me as well.  He has just about every color you can think of, and after talking with him and looking through a few books, I picked out what I wanted.  So the parts were dropped off, the colors were picked, and from there I just had to wait (which suuuucked), but in the end, totally worth it.  


The end result of the first batch of things that were powdercoated:




I know its not super original, but I decided to do a silver frame, linkage, mount, pegs.  Gold swingarm and bars, and black wheels (really thought hard about gold but didn't want to overdo it)




So now that the first round of parts were powdercoated, I was anxious to start getting the frame back together, but also wanted to take advantage of everything being apart to clean up and fine tune.


When I had the wheels de-laced, all of the spokes and nipples were fine (surprising for a 15 yr old bike that looked like it had been sitting outside for a while).  So while everything was being powdercoated, I worked on cleaning the spokes and nipples.  A few before and after shots:



The process itself was pretty much the opposite of fun, but they tuned out well.


With everything still apart, I wanted to clean the hubs up a little as well.  Looking back, I should have gotten them powdercoated, but at the time I was getting ready to head back out for work and didnt have much time.  Also, the bearings were all fine and didnt need to be replaced, so I figured I would sand them down a little, tape, prime and paint.  I wish I had gone with more of a gray or titanium color, but I ended up going with a semi-gloss black:



Sidenote:  I also sanded, primed and shot the kickstand as well.  Finished product:  Not the prettiest of things, but I may end up having them powdercoated in the near future.



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Once everything was cleaned, painted, and powdercoated, I took it all back to my buddies shop for reassembly and new tires and tubes.  Decided to go with Bridgestone tires, didnt need anything super high end, but still good enough for some backyard fun.  I must say I was very pleased with the outcome!



While all of this was going on, I stopped by my local Honda dealership and placed an order for some OEM hardware I would need.  This would get way out of hand later on in the build but once I started it was hard to stop!  New chain sliders, bolts, and frame plugs.  Also picked up new front and rear brake shoes and springs (should have gone with EBC but these will do for now.)



I also knew I wanted to do something with the rear suspension.  I know most guys on here would have gone with some more heavy duty, but since this is just going to be a backyard toy, I didn't want to spend a lot on an entire rear shock setup.  I had my local shop check the OEM shock, and everything checked out, no leaking, was in good shape for its age, so I decided to retain this and just add something to stiffen up the ride itself.  As I mentioned before, I really love everything BBR, so I read up on their heavy duty rear shock spring, and went ahead and placed the order.  I clock in at 5'9" / 165 lbs so I think this spring paired with the OEM shock will do just fine.


I have a brand new airbox if yours is ratty. Hows the motor? If you have any hope in the tank staying nice, it must be lined before you put fuel in it, even then, it's best to drain fuel after use. It will start to bubble and take the stickers with it.Looks great!

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I have a brand new airbox if yours is ratty. Hows the motor? If you have any hope in the tank staying nice, it must be lined before you put fuel in it, even then, it's best to drain fuel after use. It will start to bubble and take the stickers with it.Looks great!

Thank you sir!  I snagged a used airbox from eBay (that was one of the things that was missing in the original purchase), and got all new OEM hardware, but its not the prettiest one there is.  How much would you want for yours?  As for the tank, that's good to know.  What exactly do you mean when you say lined?  It was the original tank, I cleaned it real well, and a friend of the Mad Scientist sprayed it for me. I have already applied the OEM decals.  Are there other steps you would recommend to preserve the longevity of it?  As for the motor.....well that has been a bit of an uphill battle but nothing major.  I'm working on getting my pics together for that update, top end is done with the BBR big bore, but when he took the bottom end apart, the crank bearings were shot, so I recently picked up another XR 100 for a donor bottom end, and as much as I shouldn't, will most likely build that one as well if I ever get some downtime from work!

So once the spring and OEM stuff was in, I started to get anxious about starting to get this thing rolling again.

Again thanks to the Mad Scientist for the use of his home garage and tools, started to mock the swingarm and frame up:



I also taped off and primed and shot the suspension linkage.  I would have liked to powder it, but 

the bushings were all in great shape and I didnt want to press them out at that point.  So that was taped and sprayed.  Then I started looking at the OEM shock.  The lower portion was a little chewed up, but again it was still in great shape as far as function, so I decided to tape off, and prime and spray the lower portion as well.  I know paint is not going to hold up, but I had the time and figured what the hell.



So when I sprayed the linkage and shock, I had the time before I headed out for work again and decided to sand and shoot the upper and lower triple clamps as well since I would be moving to the front end next.  Note this was all done before I decided to go with the far bar set up.  Also I threw in a shot of the shock mock up before it was painted.  You can see how much thicker the BBR spring is compared to stock:



From there, it was time to get back to getting this thing rolling again:  Threw on the chain slider, cleaned up some of the hardware, and got to work:





Nice build Fitz, keep the updates coming. :thumbsup:

Nice build Fitz, keep the updates coming. :thumbsup:

Thanks man!  I am really really hoping to get her all done when I come home for an extended Christmas leave.  I fly home on Wed. for about a week, and from what I understand, my entire fat bar set up is there - BBR oversized upper clamp, BBR Fat Bars, and BBR oversized bar pad!  Ill be dropping the bars themselves off at the powdercoater since they are silver and I want to stick with gold bars.  I will also be checking in with my guy who is doing the motor build, and also pick up the second roller I bought (unseen) and deciding if I want to build that one as well once "Mini Threat" is fully complete.

So the frame was coming along nicely, and it was time to start working on the front end.  I looked into the whole disc brake conversion, but I wanted to moreso keep this one somewhat as original as I could, and decided to just beef up the front a little.  Picked up a set of BBR front springs and had those installed with new seals and oil of course.  



Once those were done, and the upper and lower clamps were painted, we started to mock up the front end.  I'm still looking for a BBR top clamp nut so if anyone has a lead on one let me know, when I checked their site I didn't see one avail.  I also picked up a set of Boss Bearings tapered steering stem bearings to throw in as well.



One thing that really burn me up, is that the Mad Scientist (my buddy who is helping me out and giving me some guidance, has a great attention to detail, and told me over and over to clean up and polish the lower part of the forks.......and I didnt listen to him!!  Ahhhhhh :banghead: .  So for now, they are ugly, but once its all together and running right, I will drop the front end and polish out the forks, and may lose the boots, or either get new ones, havent decided yet.  I've seen some XRs without them and think it looks pretty good.


I fly home this Wed. for about a week, and will be getting some picks of the new fat bar setup I have in the works.  REALLY looking forward to getting that together!

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So the main portion of the frame was complete, and it was time to get the wheels back on and get this thing rolling.  Went ahead and got the new brake shoes in, and picked up a new JT Steel rear sprocket as the OEM one was pretty beat.  I stayed with stock gearing as I wanted to get everything tuned and running and then possibly make gearing changes down the road.




From there we strapped it down to the bench and worked on getting the front and rear wheels on.




From that point I was pretty excited as it had finally taken shape again, but I was gone for work a lot over the next 7 months and it didn't really get a lot of attention.  The good thing about being on the road a lot was a lot of time to search for and order parts!  (hopefully after this is finally done I can give some attention to my neglected ZX-6 in the background :ride: )

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Nice work, keep it up.


FWIW, TBoltUSA has a lot of parts that may help you out with the motor. The quality seems reasonable seeing as most of it is knock-off pit bike parts, but it's going to be half the price of a stock piece if you need 'em.


Good luck.

Nice work, keep it up.


FWIW, TBoltUSA has a lot of parts that may help you out with the motor. The quality seems reasonable seeing as most of it is knock-off pit bike parts, but it's going to be half the price of a stock piece if you need 'em.


Good luck.

Thank you sir!  Good info.


So with the roller getting back together I wanted to keep up the pace and really get it done before getting to the motor.


Decided that the OEM pegs were too small and crappy so I grabbed some no name oversized pegs.  I also snagged some shorty Moose Racing levers for the fat bar setup:IMG_20130710_194553_340.jpg


I also wanted to tighten the frame up as much as possible.  I know its only going to be a backyard toy, but every now and then I may try to take it over some "sweet jumps" so I snagged a BBR Frame Cradle as well:



Then snagged an OEM airbox, OEM hardware, and a K&N Filter:


So now that some more parts were in, I was ready to get them installed, but I wasn't really digging the whole color scheme.  So naturally I decided to go see my powdercoater again!!


I decided to get the pegs shot in the same silver as the frame so everything would flow better.  Also, after looking at the rear brake pedal, I wasn't happy with the black, so I got that shot in silver as well.  You can also see how large they are compared to stock:  



I also took the frame cradle to him, and got that shot in the same gold as the swingarm and bars.  I think it turned out really well:



Also picked up some Moose sprocket bolts as the others worn kinda shotty:





Now it was time to start mocking everything up and getting some things installed!!

Frame cradle/engine mount mocked up:



Airbox/mudflap and new OEM hardware installed, with K&N Filter:





Now it was time to start mocking everything up and getting some things installed!!

Frame cradle/engine mount mocked up:

IMG_20130830_113049_155.jpg IMG_20130830_113103_327.jpg IMG_20130830_115823_349.jpg

Airbox/mudflap and new OEM hardware installed, with K&N Filter:

IMG_20130830_115746_778.jpg IMG_20130830_115754_530.jpg IMG_20130830_115810_187.jpg IMG_20130830_115818_783.jpg

nice. What are you building this for? Just a pitbike? I used to race xr100s at the pitbike races, best small bore bikes ever!

What made you go with gold?

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