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Living with an '09 Beta 525 RR over a Yamaha WR450F?

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(Bracing for impact)




I've been leisurely looking for a bike to replace my Yamaha TT-R and have assumed I'd end up with a pre-FI WR450f. Lately though I've been riding my friends '09 525 RR, which I could buy, and it's a hoot for sure. I mostly like the way the bike handles and it's definitely powerful enough. Almost too powerful at times. I'd like to know what others think about owning one of these bikes long term. I understand the RFS engine is robtus and durablelb_icon1.png but how about the rest of the bike? How tough is it to find parts? Are there any unusual maintenance issues or preventative measures needed?


FWIW this particular bike has just under 100 hours of light use, a Rekluse Z-Start Pro, 3.2 gallon tank, street legal, trials rear tireicon1.png, tubliss front and rear, carb vent filter, etc. I'm 6', 200lbs without gear and ride a variety of off road stuff. I'm big on regular maintenance and just want a bike that isn't a worry.


So far it seems the only issue is the bars are a bit too low for me to stand comfortably for long periods and I'm not too sure I like the Rekluse clutch.





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