Possibly cracked case, need suggestions

Chain came off while riding today and unfortunately just knicked my case. It definitely could have been worse, but here is a pic of the damage.. It looks like there may be a small crack below where the case is scarred. Any suggestions on what I should do? I'm afraid if I keep riding with it like that the expansion/contraction of the metal could cause it to become worse. 






Clean it, sand it and put a smooth coat of JB weld on it.

Clean it, sand it and put a smooth coat of JB weld on it.


Just finished up putting the JB weld on. Cleaned the whole area really good but didn't sand it, should it still work pretty good? 

It should be fine, just check on it after each ride for the first few rides.

It doesn't really look cracked from that picture, just gouged. The jb weld usually doesn't stick great to a smooth surface, like others said, just keep an eye on it

If you want it fixed for sure find a licensed tig welder to run a bead over it to close it back up if it is actually cracked.

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