KTM 350/365

Newbe here (1st post) but I wanted to share my KTM story. 


I have a 2012 KTM 350 and even though the bike has good power ( I came off a 250f); it was just missing something.  I saw an article "We ride cylinder works KTM 365SXF big bore" so I decided to try it.  When MXA says they can't gush enough about it, in my opinion they are not lying.


Power:  MXA says the power isn't increased but I guess because it's moved down lower it appears to have gained a bunch.  On the first lap I carried the front wheel (wheelie) all the way down the 1st straight.  :D   I think I'm going to go back to the stock gearing because coming out of corners in 2nd the front would lift! 


Now if I can just get the bike to turn - front end to stick better (I've had a revalve already).  I'm going to change my sag to see if it helps?


Q: Anyone else try the kit?


Q: Anyone else have front end bite issues?

SX-F model so I added a new one over there.  New to the forum and I haven't looked on how to delete a post if possible.

did you remap?

No remap needed on the 2012 but they said in the article that the 13 needed a remap to richen it.

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