Bell SX1 or EVS T5

Does anyone have either helmet? How do you like it?

I have a bell SX1 and I LOVE IT

i used a bell sx 1 this season. its an okay helmet for the price. my new shoei is 10x better. the bell definetly isnt a bad helmet though

Sx1 isn't terrible, but its usable. I have one this season and just happen to be between a medium and large so they don't fit me great. I'll spend more and get a shoei next year.

Owning one at the moment and while it is never let me down so far... I would recommend a different helmet. having being "brought it to the light" recently in the world of helmets by Dragon67 and doing a lot of research. that helmet is very inferior due to its single layer EPS liner. If you are looking for a better but still Farley inexpensive alternative the Fox v1 2014 has duel EPS liner. If you are looking for A HUGE improvement in safety the Kali Prana has great improvements in the Duel EPS liner for a few extra pennies. All out Saftey the 6D is your choice. 


My Review on the SX1- 

I have a Medium, Very snug at first but becomes very comfortable after a few rides, helmet itself is actually quite big compared to others i have seen (outer shell). goggle port is large = good field of vision.

 Also check out the One Gamma helmet on Rocky Mountains website. They have them from $89 and up and they have the duel EPS liner. They are also on sale on Motosport to I think. At Rocky Mountain they also have a Scott helmet for $110 that had the duel EPS.

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