I'm riding Green tomorrow!

I'll be hanging out here now that I picked up a low hour (by all indications) 2012 kx250f. I got the bike from the original owner. It's basically stock, with asv levers, renthal bars, and oversized pegs.  I set the sag, adjusted the bar and levers and tightened the chain.

The air filter is clean and oil changed. Tomorrow I'm taking it to the track. The seller couldn't find the manual so I ordered one. The rear tire is the original, but has been flipped.

Anything that I should know about the bike? Any "must do's"?


Grease all the bearings and put diaelectric grease in every electrical connector. Oh and dont bang or get wet the TPS sensor....

Must do's?

Yes go real fast and smile while you are doing it

I rode the bike at a local track that is kind of tight with moderate jumps. 1st session I took it easy, just getting a feel for the bike.  2nd session I started to get comfortable and picked up the pace. I started hitting every jump.  3rd moto I rung my bell around a turn. My fault for not getting up on the seat in a slippery turn.  I waited a bit and continued. I started pushing my comfort zone and the faster I went, the better the suspension responded.  I made a few clicker adjustments and found the sweet spot. I really dig the sff forks. I was hitting some steep faces and felt the smooth travel in to them. Great suspension.

I guess I'll be hanging around here for awhile....

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