Cr swingarm on an xr?

Well I'm back with more questions, as some of you are aware I bit off way to much in my overwhelming project of turning my basket case xl600r into a nice xr600

I haven't got it yet, but looks like ill be gettin a nice 2003 xr650l frame for around $100

Now I believe I just found what to do for the rear, its a full swing arm, brake caliper and resivor and rim and tire with disk brake sprocket and chain for probably $100, $150 at the worst, and he might even throw in a rear shock

Now its originally from a Suzuki I believe? But he was running it on his 99 cr250 with no problems, I wanted to stay with xr parts for simplicity, but I haven't seen an xr wheel for under $200 and then I still got to get everything else, plus I don't think it would be to bad to have the extra length of this swing arm to be a little more stable in the rough stuff

I have been down this road before.  Sell the parts and bail before you get in too deep.  It is better to find a whole bike and rebuild it than piece something together in hopes of saving money and doing it on the cheap.  It took me two projects to learn this the hard way.  Frankenbikes can be fun to build, but just realize it won't be cheap.

I know, I should have turned around long ago, but I'm so far in its just to hard, if I could get this swing arm to work on the frame, that's $200 more and I'm done! I have everything else, and with all the effort I've put into this, it would be a priceless bike to me.. even though about the only original thing at that point is the wiring harness.. lol

I'd verify by bolting it into place before buying it.  Even if a suzuki swingarm fits a CR, that doesn't mean it'll fit an XR.  Most bikes have the swingarm pivot bolt going through the rear most mount of the engine; the big XRs do not.


I'll second the advise above.  It's fine to build a frankenbike if you're eclectically piecing together high performance parts.  But cobbling together random parts just to get a minimally functioning bike will not be cheap or easy, and probably won't be satisfactory in the end.

I've got a 95 xr600 swing arm I could sell you.

A CR swingarm isn't even close to an XR. The pivot is much larger diameter and it's wider. Extensive frame mods required. It's been done but that doesn't mean it was worth it.

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Ya man definitely just buy the right swing arm..

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