New rims

I am thinking of replacing my stock dented wheels with some new ones. Thought about just getting new factories and relacing to stock hubs. Any other suggestions? What spokes/nipples work with stock or stock replacement?

DID Dirt Star rims and a Buchannan spoke kit.

Dirt Star's better than OEM?

I agree. D.I.D. wheels are awesome. Bull Dog spokes and nipples may work good. never tried them though.. Finally OEM hubs will be ok, but they will be the weak link...but you gotta do what you gotta do.. get them polished, they will look awesome

Dirt Star's better than OEM?


DID makes three grades.


OEM level

'original' <<< is the best value



The stock hubs are as strong as you can get, without adding more weight.

I've got excel A60's mounted to stock hubs and they have held up great

I can tell you what wheels to stay away from ..DNA

Chaparral has the LT-X and ST-X for same price. Do they both work with stock spokes/nipples? What would be the better choice?

Looks like I can get a really good deal on D.I.D. LT-X wheels and Excel spline drive nipple/spokes. What's everyone's thoughts on these? Good thing about the Excel's is I don't need to drill out the stock hub.

Take a look at the kite / dubya butted spokes.

Butted spokes are lighter and usually stronger than straight guage.

You can use the OEM double-butted spokes with the DID rims...

Looks like I can get a really good deal on D.I.D. LT-X wheels and Excel spline drive nipple/spokes. What's everyone's thoughts on these? Good thing about the Excel's is I don't need to drill out the stock hub.

Just bought a new set of DID STX's off of amazon for $269 shipped. If your stock spokes are still good, I'd go that route. Unless money is no object then if for sure get a set of $1200 dubya wheels.

Getting the LT-X's for $240set. Excel spokes/nipples $120set. Money is an issue, I would reuse the stock spokes/nipples if I could but they are seized.

I'm starting to wonder if all these aft market wheel sets aren't coming off the same assembly line and then stamped or etched with different names. They're all starting to look the same to me.

Where did you get the LTXs for $240?

DID LTX/STX are nice.  I like them because they use the same layout as the stock DID's as far as rim lock placement and the large hole for the valve stem.  In my experience, they also seem to be the easiest to true as far as being pretty straight right out of the box.  LTX is fine for MX use only on soft dirt prepped tracks.  For rocks, off road, or rim abusers, get the STX.


Stock spokes/nipples can be used with DID's.  You might think your spokes are seized but I have been able to get off some pretty nasty ones and reuse them.  Soak them all with PB blaster for a few days.  Then grab the spoke right next to the nipple with a vice grip.  Squeeze the spoke in the valley between the teeth of the vice grip, not with the tips of the teeth.  You will be able to get the nipple off without damaging it or the spoke if you are careful.  Always use a little anti-seize on spoke threads when relacing to prevent this happening again.


For whatever reason, Excel rims require that you use Excel spokes for the front wheel on Hondas.  It's something to consider.


Also, Excel Takasago rims are no longer made in Japan.  They outsourced to Thailand or Malaysia.  The A60's are still made in Japan.  DID LTX/STX are still made in Japan.


Pro Wheel rims are junk.  For what little you save, it is not worth the hassle of unlacing and relacing a wheel when they crack.


Stock spokes are fine.  I'm not a fan of the oversize aftermarket spokes.  They are heavier and I have an aversion to taking a drill to my cast hubs and reaming out the spoke holes.


Stock hubs are fine.  Has anyone actually ever seen a stock Honda hub fail?  As in, a no bullshit hub failure.  Not because some goon never tightened his spokes or sprocket bolts but just a straight up hub failure.  In 35 years of riding MX, I have not.  Most of the aftermarket hubs are just heavy billet bling that looks cool but the stock hubs are strong enough.

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