mudguard extender.

I have a 1997 xl250degree with a broken mudguard.  I have seen that it is possible to buy carbon mudguard extenders for road bikes.

I am thinking of using a small pitpro mudguard to extend mine. 

just wondering if anybody else has tried similiar



I am in Australia and have only found one complete mudguard for sale going for about $250 and it would take 2-6 weeks shipping.

It's just a fender, just buy a generic one, it's a peice of plastic, like 20 bucks.


The honda dealer suggested I would have to get it imported if I wanted it to pass roadworthy.


I finally found what I needed Acerbis have a shop MX1 online that is based in australia but has no stores you can just walk into,

I would buy from the website but next day delivery sent from near my house means I might get on the road within a week or two.

thank you

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