Can I install a rev limiter on my 2010 Yzf 250?

Just to save my top end from blowing

It doesn't have one already???

Hope this is a joke... Lmao

This is what you need, all you have to do, is spray a little bit of it, in your gas tank, only about 3-4 squirts in your gas. Do it every time you fill the bike up. I know it's cooking spray, but it's been proven in a lab, by the shell motor company, that it will keep your top end from blowing so fast.

Na it has one but it's not really a limiter it just valve bounces lad

Don't worry, you very rarely see the rev limiter anyway. To add, the 2010s don't rev worth poo either.....

I just use the spam trick. 


no problems so far

I never know if I should take you guys seriously or laugh.  :(

Na it has one but it's not really a limiter it just valve bounces lad

That's not true, you are hearing the electronic rev limiter that kicks in at 13,500 RPM. The valves won't float on a stock engine until well above that.

KJ is right.  If your worried about revving it to the limiter, then dont.  Shift earlier and when in the air dont go full throttle.  Seems easy enough :excuseme:

I've bounced off the limiter on my 2010 plenty of times...that's what it's there for, to stop the revs before they get high enough to do any damage.

Cheers guys yeah just wanted to save my engine a bit but if it's not doing any damage that's great cheers,

Original monk your a &%$#@! wit the 2010 yzf is a great bike better than my ktm Sxf I sold to get it

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