Changing springs - worried about losing plush feel

My 2008 YZ450f has stock suspension, and I am a 205 lb., 45 year old C class Hare Scrambles racer.  I don't race motocross but do ride on a lot of tracks with my son.


The rear is a titanium 5.5 kg/mm shock, and the front is .47 kg/mm.  The suspension is super plush - very nice for the HS racing, but really too soft.  I can't get the sag set correctly

and it does affect the handling.


Looking at moving to a 5.8 kg/mm steel shock, and either .48 or .50 springs up front.


I'm worried about losing the plushness if I do this.


Can anyone offer some thoughts, and how/if I can make other adjustments to maintain the plush feel with the new proper springs.


Thank you!

The right spring rate shouldn't make it harsh. The correct spring rate for your damper internal settings should give you the best ride quality. Springs that are too soft or too stiff can be harsh.

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