Comment your scariest experience going top speed?

Going too fast down a hill and my black tire stopped and I slid all the way down the hill on the bike luckily didn't fall off.

Going too fast down a hill and my black tire stopped and I slid all the way down the hill on the bike luckily didn't fall off.

that's nothing.. I was riding my old yz250, down a steep hill on a back road, I was pegged, plus down hill= FAST! My chain popped and locked up the rear wheel, it was a gravel road and I instantly slid around, fell off and watched my bike go a$$ over tin cups down a 200+ yard gravel hill. It sucked. I absolutely destroyed that bike.. I fixed it but that was $1800 Later.

Years ago I hit a guy riding an old XR600 head on, I was pinned on a CR125 and we both crested in the same spot in an off road area. He wasn't wearing boots, I was fully geared. I was knocked out, but my footpeg ended up ripping off half of his foot, cleaning and fixing my bike a week later, flesh and bone were still stuck in the peg. Scary stuff.

Speed wobble at about 150mph on my brother's CBR 1000, still cringe when I think about it....

Tank slapped on board my ZX12R .. @ 240 klm/hr

My buddys brand new 89 cr125, pinned going through a vineyard across the street from my house, senior year of high school, and my sisters birthday. Dislocated elbow, broken nose, stitches, night in the hospital...good times...:) . My brother was trailing me, he saw it all. Maybe worse for him than me.

Was riding my xr650, going so fast I kept hearing booms.

Could not figure out what it was???


Was riding my xr650, going so fast I kept hearing booms. Could not figure out what it was???Lmbo

I can only think of 2 reasons

You popped the sound barrier or you dropped a bunch of valves :smirk:

Back in my 20's I lived in San Diego, worked at a place with a bunch of other young bucks and we all went out and bought sportbikes(1988-1990 timeframe).


We'd blast to Vegas every friday night as fast as those things would go. Scariest things were the armadillos.  Those dern things will get up and move at the last second.  At least the desert tortoises are slow.  Had a couple near misses that swapped me pretty good a couple times.


All was good until one night....we came under an overpass, and the lights went on.  Prolly 20 cop cars lining the hwy, sitting and waiting.


One of my buddies turned a Kawi into a 200mph bike with carbs and nitro, then one day the bottom end came apart, the rod came through the block and shattered his foot and ankle.  He walks with a limp to this day.

Not much on dirt bikes, plenty on street. Deer, cars doing u-turns in corners, the list goes on and on.. :smirk:

Traveling down I80 on a DR650. Semi behind me, and I pulled out to pass a slower semi. Hit the “jet wash” from the truck I was passing and went into a high speed wobble at 80+ MPH. First thing that came to my mind was, so this is how I’m going to die? Front end was near lock to lock. Luckily I didn’t panic and just eased off the throttle until the wobble stopped. When I got home I found the front tire pressure was only 10psi. Okay for dirt, not good on asphalt.

I was riding my (new to me) 06 yz250f last year and was going down a road that hooked up with a trail, there was a curve that i came into wide open in fifth. Well they did some weird patching to the road and my ass end started sliding out, and there was a dodge cummins pulling a trailer coming around the curve as well. My back tire was on the yellow line and i was very close to the trailer. The bike stayed up and we didnt touch but it sure scared the hell out of me.

first time on any kind a bike and it was a 2 stroke that was way too big for me I was like 15 

buddy let Me ride it  farging thing hit the power band and I was warp speed fallin off and pinned the throttle


ran out of road and hit the driveway at the end of the street as I finally un pinned the throttle and got on the brakes  


I was shacking  but I didn't eat it  Whew


other time was test riding my cbr at night after some carb work  hit a pot hole and flew off the bike  except for my hands  landed back on the bike  feet dragging the ground 


but saved it and felt like a fool

6th gear pinned across a farmers field on my XR250 after one of my first ever tire changes. I apparently ripped the bead on the front tire during install and it decided to fail and wrap up in the forks. The bars turned instantly and slammed against the turning stop, and I ejected over the bars. I flew through the air and did the biggest/slowest front flip ever. Luckily I had a chest protector and a backpack on. I landed nice and soft on my back and didn't even have a scratch. Luckily the bike never hit me as it went cart wheeling past.

It was a long, long ways from the skid marks in the dirt where the front wheel locked up to where me or the bike first hit the dirt.

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Mid 90's, highway. 

On knobbies.



Hit triple digits on my old sled. 


Over 70 on an offroad vehicle is just fast.  You lose the perception of speed beyond that point.

And if you :censored: up, it's going to be painful and expensive. :smirk:

when i first got my 150 i was doing a wheelie in 6th gear down the road (like an idiot) and when i let it down i got terrible speed wobbles. that was pretty scary. and another time i was going up this dirt road 6th gear pinned and went over this little lump and i pulled up a little too hard and almost looped out going almost top speed

cbr 1100, nuff said...

Over the bars on My CR500 WO 5th on gravel after clipping a decent size rock , i skipped like a rag doll for a long time...


I'll leave the street bike stuff in the street bike forum..

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In my late teens, I had a KX 400(with oversize tank & taller gears). WOT down a gravel road...I took a bird in the chest, ripping me off the bike, and the bike wrapped around an 8" Alder. Totaled is an understatement...I limped away.

There's a nice straight behind Mt. Hamilton near San Jose that never has cars on it or any driveways.  Going about 120 on my old F4i over a small rise caused the front end to come up nice and smooth.  When it came back down it tank slapped badly.  You couldn't have hammered a greased nail up my backside.

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