End of the season

Well the 'L' soldiered on pretty well for the year, and gathered some miles.  It has been retired from 'racing' as the new 13 YZ250F took over that role.  The 'L' returned to my putter around town and a few road trips here and there bike.  Still fun to crank her up, dash the dirt roads out to the pavement, putter to work at the MX track, and maybe for ole times sake do a lap, or putter the trails.  But for the most part putters into town for errands and the occasional just point it down the road moments here and there.


Her best moment was the 540mile 'road trip' weekend of clearing the mind miles.  Point her west at about 08, and go till about 1430, turn around and come home.  Burned a little oil being out on I-80 doing near 70mph most of the time, but just a fun ride, and it got some things off my mind.


She is going to be around awhile for her purpose, thinking about a XR650 now for mid range cruises to see grandkids up in Wisconsin now and then, and the goal is a another Dyna, a "Street Bob" for my annual long range NY runs. For some reason gotta have my Harley's and still enjoy when my friends from NY and Ohio pass by and we all head out to Sturgis. I really want a sit up, straight leg bike like the XR since my legs and knees are getting older and stiffer.  Looked at those KTM's but reality of price and maintenance took hold.  The 'L' brought back memories of my early years on dual purpose bikes of all shapes and cc's.  Pull the lights off race on Sunday, put them back on and ride to work on Monday.  It was all good then and last year as well.


She is all cleaned up and stored in the 'Man Cave' till spring, along side my YZ250.  The project bike for vintage class racing next year, a 78 YZ-400E is almost done.  I rode a borrowed 78 CR-125M the last vintage race at the MX track and had a blast, got a 5th, my big bod on a 'little' 125, but it was a hoot.  I will probably just race vintage next year...vintage body on a vintage YZ400 of my past when it was not a vintage bike, and I was not a 'vintage' rider.


I also get to set up another 'L' this winter for a friend with all my mods. He just wanted to buy mine but don't want to let her go...she has a purpose and does it well.

Never had a harley, (had a buell) but the older I get the more I like them.... it's the price and reliability that puts me off though. The last cruiser I had was a vn1500, which I loved, especially as it was shaft drive. When I eventually get another cruiser I think it will either be the triumph rocket 3 or the suzuki m109 1800. Both awesomely powerful machines, will outrun most sportsbikes and are both shafties.

Only Harley I've owned was an 06 Sportster 1200 XL Roadster. It was a great bike actually. But other than that, I've been a sport bike guy.

As ^ said, that M109R is a cool bike. I'd ride one of those for sure. But I think if I got a cruiser now, it'd be the Honda F6B.

Just got my CRF250L, so I don't think it'll get much of a winter break. But for now, it is also in my mancave haha. Easier to go look at it :D

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