Thanks MG.



If anyone decides to do this, here are two tips,
1. cutting the large end of the cone, cut slightly to the right of the spot welds as you can see in pics 1 and 2.  

2. cutting the small end of the cone, you want to cut it at about 2.8" diameter to clear the cat that has a 2.5" diameter.  cut right on the edge of the heat-shields lowest weld bead.  You don't need to remove the spacer/ seal on the end of the cat just slide the cone up and cut the cat off just before the weld on the cat 7.5" from the end of the cat.

Davis drafting:


in your last pic, where did you get the cupped piece used to cap over the packing material? Was this a part from the stock silencer?

This a very professional looking mod, but looks like a lot of work to me.  The "cone-shape" is part of the stock exhaust pipe. 


Arrow down to the stock exhaust mod section on RickRamsey's site.



no disrespect to ramz but, .... davis did a much more precise and professional job ... :thumbsup:

no disrespect to ramz but, .... davis did a much more precise and professional job ... :thumbsup:

That is what I was trying to say.  DavisDrafting's install looks much cleaner and professional, but it still looks like a lot of work to me.   I only included Ramseys site to show the "cone shaped" piece as part of the stock exhaust.  My wording could have been better though huh.


Davis do you know how much your modded stock exhaust weighs now??

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i think the exhaust would have been awesome if he could make it into a shorty...  just the packed cone section... not the rest of the scuba tank on it... lol  it would look like a super-trapp exhaust...  lol  this is just from a visual point of course...



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