need some help here

i just got my fast line cr style brake line and got the dsp clamp thing for the top of the fork guide, has anyone else done this instalation or something similar, do u use the stock bottom clamp off of the fork guide for the top of the dsp, does anyone have pics they could send me, any problems with the setup, thanks


Does this help

I meant to post a picture to my new photo account, since Photopoint seems to have disappeared, but doesn't seem to be working yet.

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Let's try this again


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Damn DPW, I thought that was your bike in the photo at first. Works forks, carbon fiber as far as the eye can see, titanium out the bung hole. Then I saw the #15. Go Timmy, Go...

I used the clamp off the bottom of the fork for my Fastline clamp. Make sure the nuts don't interfere with the fork guard slider.


PK, like probably everyone here..... I wish it was my bike. It would have a better home in my garage. Yes, it's Tim Ferry's at the Dallas SX.

When you use the bottom clamp what happens when the forks compress? Doesn't the top clamp(old bottom clamp) hold the brake line snug and wouldn't the line possibly flex or bend into the front wheel. I saw where Garrett replaced the stock cable guide with a sheet metal bracket. I've just seen several YZ's with this modification and it looks like the brake line is dangerously close to the front spokes.

Since you guys have me considering changing to the Fastline brake line again, how did the brakes feel after the change ? Big improvement ?

Thanks for your help


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