83 xr500r restore

Powder coated frame


Edited by hird

New stearing bearings and race

New fork seals and oil

Posted Image

Motor back in with left and right cases painted with satin black 500 heat

Posted Image

All done

Posted Image

Posted Image
Posted Image

Wow, I wish my builds went that fast! :D


Awesome job, it looks great!  :applause:

Thanks mate


Thanks buzz, was a bit of a job but got there in the end and was well worth it

Great job :thumbsup:

Cheers hack

not many bikes,if any that look as good as the old red,blue and yellow xr's from the 80's..thats nice bro

Yeh, brings back great memories from the good ol days.

I rode one of these for 15 years - what a great bike it was!  NEVER failed to start, and carried me all over the dez and Baja; matter of fact, I bought it for Baja!  If it only weighed a little less...

Yeh, brings back great memories from the good ol days.

I had an 84 xr250r back in 85, well, we all did back then. I think i payed about $1200 AUD for it. They were the bee's knee's back then hence everybody either having the 250 or the 350. The cops had the 500's.

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