Auto clutch for YZ400f

Can anyone tell me if there is an auto clutch available for a YZ400f ? (Rekluse / Revloc) while on the same topic is the 400 clutch basket the same as a 426 ... or will a 426 clutch fit into a 400 ? 

Any help would be mint .. cheers

I can't definitively state that it will work, but it's been said that a 426 clutch will fit a 400.  Owing to the difference in the size of the clutch, it would seem necessary to use the 426 case covers in order to have clearance for it.


Personally, though, I doubt I'd spend that kind of money on a bike I could replace with  YZ450 starting at $1500 or so.

Thanks for your input grayracer , if I could get a YZF450 here in NZ for $1500 it would be junk , I'm building a 400 for my Shifter kart , I can get a Revloc Dina Ring out of Australia for aus$479 but only for the 426/450 so am looking into the possibility of fitting a 426 clutch as there are plenty parts available here , I have looked back at some post's others suggest it may be done but no-one has said a definite yes ... Cheers Shane

I can tell you that the YZ426F clutch basket will go into a YZ400F... but, you have to also use the YZ426F clutch cover, both of them.  The clutch is larger in diameter and the basket will not fit in the smaller opening of the YZ400F.  But from there, I know that you can use the Rekluse clutch.  Of course you will have to get the inner hub, clutch plates, and pressure plate.  I have and it works well. 

Rekluse may have your application and just not have it listed. I had to contact them for my 04 WR450 to find out which one was correct for my bike.

Thanks for your input guys I really appreciate it , whilst on the subject I take it that the 426 and the 450 share the same size clutch ?? 

Yes, although there are differences in plate thickness, composition, springs, and so on.  Look through the manuals and part numbers for details.  A number of the parts still carry 5JG numbers (originally for the 426).  5TA stuff was made for the Gen1 450, 2S2 for the Gen2 ('06-'09).

I have a '99 YZ400F pretty well sorted out. I'm 51, and recently got back onto the motocross track after a 35 year absence. I have ordered a used 2001 YZ426F clutch assembly, and both side covers. I will be using a new Rekluse 3.0 unit. I'll keep this updated with pictures of my progress and results. 


Ok, I have a few hours on this thing with the Rekluse, and it's working great. I have not found any negatives to report. I used an ASV lever and perch, to get better adjustability. I had to shave the crank gear nut for clearance. If you are planning to spend this kind of coin on an antique as I did, you'll need the Rekluse 3.0 for a 426, a 426 clutch assembly, push rod and crank nut, and a 426 side case and cover. This bike should hold me over for two more years, when I can buy a decent used YZ450FX. 

YZ400F 1.jpg

YZ400F 2.jpg

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