drz electric fault urgent help needed

hey guys, I am currently changing over to the trailtech vapour on my drz400e (Aussie model) but haven't finished yet, I cut the old computer out and now the bike gets no electrical power whatsoever, battery is good and has power, fuse near the batter looks good, help me please! I'm away for 3 days on a riding trip with no bike (stupid me forgot to check she was running before I left the house):

any ideas appreciated thanks everyone

I would guess the fuse is blown.  It might look good but sometimes you have to test it to know.  The red wire to the instruments is always hot,

thanks Nobel, I'll try that first, the fuse above the battery? are there any other fuses I should check?

Only 1 fuse on a DRZ

update, it was the fuse, there are infact two fuses on the E both above the battery, I only saw one because of the way it was packed, when I finally found the one behind it, I saw it was definitely blown, thanks for the help noble :)

Spare fuse

To clarify - there is only 1 fuse (in service) in a DRZ400.  The other fuse is a spare.  

I've got plenty of electrical power , but can't get it into gear . ???


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