Proper gear and speed for jumping

I am fairly new to jumping and I'm scared To death of doubles but I eventually have to get over them. I was just wondering what speed or gear should you be in on jumps

Oh and my bike is yz 125

Depends on the size of the jump.... Maybe I'm wrong but for me I've always went by feel , starting on small jumps and making my way up !


Just start small, i'm new to mx also and been practicing for about 2 months.  Now I have no problem doing most jumps, actually turns scare me more I need to work on them.  It's not a one answer you can use cause it depends on size of jumps and position, etc.

If you are riding a track where others are riding and doing the jumps you want to conquer, try waiting for one of them to come around and pace them off the jump. .. I've raced for 20+ years and still do this on bigger jumps on tracks I've never been to

Find  (or MAKE) a single that is big enough so you dont endo (short jumps are harder to not endo on...because the front wheel comes off the face while the rear is still loading).  36-42" tall (vertically) and about 20 degrees slope is good.  FLAT landing.  Just hit that thing 500 times.  You should get to the point you can jump 30-34 feet (the average distance of a small or rythm double) with your eyes closed.  You should also be able to hammer that thing hard (sitting most likely) and get out to 65' the point you could clear a rythm section triple.  This is good practice...because it will teach you to land flat and case properly...which will SAVE YOUR ASS later on.   


I am a firm believer in taking a small jump you are comfy on...and learnng to hit it harder and harder and harder.  This will take you to the point that you are actually hitting that face HARD.  Learning to hit a 6' tall...30 degree face HARD is not easy if you have never hit ANY jump face HARD.  It is also a good way to get hurt.  Find a small jump...and take it big...  It is a lot safer than taking a big jump small before you have the skills. 

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As previously stated above, pace another rider on the same track that has been making the jump. That will give you a good sense of speed (and gear) you need to make the jump.. if you're not comfortable, you can always roll it until you're ready.


Don't risk injury if you don't feel confident and comfortable.

I agree with the advice above.  I would follow what Blutarsky said.  I often ride with a GPS so I know what speed I am going around the track.  In general, 3rd gear and about 30-35 mph should allow you to clear the mid size jumps.  I ride a 250f and it seems like 450f's can probably do some of these jumps in 2nd with a blip of the throttle that can throw you pretty far.  If you are on a 125 I would imagine you want to be about the same speed.

Pacing off a jump can sometimes be misleading.... I often do this when I ride with my nephew, and quite often, even though we hit it at the same speed, he'll get an extra 3 feet higher and 30 feet farther due to preloading, or powering off of the lip harder, sooo I would caution this on a double, but tabletops are usually safer.

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