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KTM 530 Jetting

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Hi all,
Just picked up a 2008 ktm 530 excr Looking for an advice for jetting.
It has akrapovic end can, all desmog crap is taken off.
Opened a carb today and found it all stock:
Needle OBDTR
Pilot 40
Main 180
Has any one any experience of jetting these ones, for a better performance?
I don't want to buy an expencive JD kit, I know they are good, but strugling with money at the moment :)
Was advised, this option:
OCEMN 4th grove from top

mixture screw 2 turns out
42 pilot
160 main
What do you guys think about this one?
I'm in UK sea level.
Not shure witch akrapovic is on it will try to attach a photo.
Thanks a lot for any advice.



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Arbitrary jetting changes often make things worse. Jetting is done to resolve am actual identified problem. You need to carefully test ride and note all (if any) issues. That data combined wiuht what is in the bike can then move forward to a solution. Being you have a used bike, I als suggst first doing a leak down test along with valve clearance checks to ensure you are starting with a healthy engine.

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What is a leak down test?
I can imagine how to perform it, but how to calculate , the percentage?
nowadays we checked compression of the engine? :)

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William said it... you need to understand whay are trying to solve for first before making jetting changes.  Looks like the bike has been uncorked a bit to help it breath better.   Generally more air means a need for more fuel unless your jetting is already rich which in the states is not typical in stock form not sure about UK. 


We all use advice on hear to make baseline jetting changes when we've opened up the bike.  Make sure you know what else the person has done to uncork his bike before making the exact same changes.  If he has done more than then this may not be the right changes for you to start with. 

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