Motocross the 2012 WR450

I am curious if anybody is using the newer WR450 for motocross. The reason I ask, I have 2 bikes, a 2003 WR450 and a 2004 YZ450. I have my WR450 plated and set up for the riding I love, which is desert riding and gnarly mountain trail riding. I have the YZ so I can race when I take my 11 year old son to race motocross. I would love to have FI and newer suspension but would have to sell both bike to get it. Great for when I ride alone but how will it do on the track?

 It will not keep up with a 2004 YZ without doubling your riding efforts, physically.

With the GYTR upgrades and suspension set up for your weight and riding style, you can have plenty of fun on the track.

It will kick the 2003 WR's butt...

I beg to differ Karnnie, my 2012 WR can do anything my KX can do. I challenge you to keep up with me on the track here in So. Cal. 1trackmind, the key to MX your WR is setting up you suspension to the track, it will be on the stiff side to handle the woops and G-outs. BTW it is still set up for the desert.



wr step up.jpg

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