How are you all removing fuel from FI Bikes.

I can't ride my bike as much as I would like to cause I have no place to ride it.  So There sometimes weeks between rides or months.  I know to use fuel stabilizer and what not.  But I should I just not pull the gas,  Or should I put stabilizer in fill it up and if its been a few months pull that gas out when getting ready to ride.   


I was looking at getting a mityvac but says its should not be used for gas,  should I just get a cheap siphon from and auto parts store and replace it as need be?

Just leave it. When you go on your next ride fill it to the top with fresh gas. 


I may stand alone on that technique but have been doing just that for 22 years with cars, bikes, airplanes, lawnmowers, etc. 


I have another FI bike in my garage that sat for 8 months with about a gallon of gas in the tank, no stabilizer. When I started it a couple weeks ago the gas had evaporated down to about a quart but the bike started right up and ran like a champ. After it stalled from fuel starvation I added another quart of fresh gas to the mix and rode it around for about 20 mins.


Opinions are like A-holes, everyone has one and they all stink. 

I just leave the gas in the tank, and in the spring I use a cheap hand pump from harbor freight to pump some of the old gas out of my tank so I can put in some fresh gas. You can run the old gas most of the time, but I've found it can make it run pretty poorly if the gas is that old. I just pump out a gallon or so and pour that in my truck. My truck will never notice a gallon of old gas on top of 30 gallons of fresh gas in the tank.

If you're just riding for fun, I honestly wouldn't worry about it - if you're racing, I definitely would.


Gas in a dirtbike gas tank (i.e., not an airtight container) will still be good after a month just by itself, especially if it's good quality gas.  Adding Stabil (or similar) slows the oxidation of the fuel and depending on temperature and humidity (more of both is worse), gas in a gas tank should be good for at least a few months.  I'm in the military and deployed right now - it'll have been about four months by the time I get home to my bike.  I use Stabil when I'm going to be gone for a while, leave the tank mostly full, add a little fresh gas when I get back, and have no issues with it whatsoever.  Stabil basically keeps gas volatile for a longer period of time.  If you store gas in a sealed container with Stabil, it'll probably last a good two years or more.


All this said, it'll do wonders to at least start up and run the bike once in awhile if you can to keep the fuel/oil flowing at least a little bit. 


Anyway, I have a carbureted bike and to remove gas, I just remove the tank and dump it out.  I don't know that it should be any different for a tank with a fuel pump in the bottom of it (aside from having to disconnect wires), but someone else will have to weigh in on that.

Plug the tank vent if the bike will not be ridden soon, air/moisture effect fuel especially fuel with ethanol as is common in most pump gas today.

Plug the tank vent if the bike will not be ridden soon, air/moisture effect fuel especially fuel with ethanol as is common in most pump gas today.

Good idea!

also,  we race Vintage/Post Vintage MX series that brings us away from metro areas; there is non-ethanol fuel available there . . . so I fill up 5gal cans there. Depending on where you live, that's a good way to get better quality fuel that will last longer.


and, Sta-Bil makes Marine Formula treatment that is targeted at eliminating the bad effects of ethanol. I've used that too. Even fter 6 months, that fuel seems to be just fine. Bike runs great, no detonation, etc.

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