650L vs. others for dual purpose

Here is a question for you, I have been riding a 650L for about a year, and it is a great bike. I ride about 14 miles a day, to and from work and then trail riding when I can. The question I have is that I read alot about people dual sporting 650R's and 450f's which are both very cool bikes, but you have to go through the trouble of getting them street legal. My question is, having never ridden either of the ladder bikes, how are they as far as a on road bike? I already know that they a great off road. Is the weight a big difference? Are they unpleasant to ride daily? I don't see to many posts from Illinois dual sporters, but is it a real pain to licence with the DMV here in IL?

I just bought my xr650r about a month ago and I think it would be great on the road. I think the 450 would be fun but it would be hard on the engine IMO.

I have an XR650R that I have made into a supermotard that is street legal. During the conversion I had to wait 5 months for the wheels that I wanted. During the wait, I put street oriented D/S tires on it and rode around on the street. It is a real gas to ride on the street. The vibration isn't too bad and the power and handling are really suprising. Most fun on a street bike I've had (been riding for 40 years). Making it a street motard upped the capabilities and fun. Much better brakes and with 17 inch wheels and sportbike tires it really is a superbike. If you get a chance to ride one take it. You can get very close to it with your 650L by changing tires and brakes. Think about it, it is FUN.



They have enduro kits which include lights, wiring harnesses, horn, and liscense plate bracket for the rear fender. These kits are available for anything from an XR650R to the Xr100. They also have a quick release kit so you can take all the street stuff off and have a regular dirtbike, or plug the kit back on.

I have a dualsported street legal xr650r. I also have had many sportbikes, and have a 2001 yamaha r1. I love the xr650r way more than the r1 for different reasons. I can ride the xr faster on a super twisty road than the r1. The xr is also more fun because it has so much power. It can hit 100mph, and that is fine.

It is incredible on the road, the vibration is not bad. The seat is painful after 100 miles thou. The most ive ridden in 1 day on the xr is about 350 miles. Ouch my ass.

The xr650r is a better dual sport than the crf450r. The crf is too race oriented and way too much maintenance involved. My xr lifted its front wheel 1-4 gears with just the throttle, 5th gear i have to bounce it up. :)

Im eventually going to get supermoto wheels for it and brakes. I hate riding with knobbies on the street, I dont like to wear them out LOL

Who do you recomend ordering and getting advice on 17" wheels from? I was looking through my Dennis Kirk catalog, but they seem to have only OEM sizes. Have you ever seen anybody running their stock 18" rear and an aftermarket 18" front with street tires? Is this a good combo? It seems like it would be a lot less $$

Keep the "L", uncork it and enjoy.

i have a XR 650, it's a beast!! it's a supermotard and top speed 200 Km/h, 0-100 3.6s, very very good, in some cases i have fear of driving that BIG XR 650.


Try going to Rob Barnum at barnumspro.com for your motard stuff. He sets up lots of motards, including the 650. Wheels, brakes, motor mods, etc. Great prices and freindly personal service. :)


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