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Originally posted by MX Tuner:

The hot start isn't part of any cylinder. The hot start on a '98 and '99 YZ is part of the air boot and intake manifold. The '00 and newer is only in tha carb. The hot start is a non-issue when thinking about swapping cylinders.

OOPS sorry about the misinformation. In light of that I think I'll go with the 426 jug and crank for my bike.

One other thing, if you are interested there was a salvege yard selling a brand new in the crate 426 notor for 2000.00. I was just about to buy it when my KTM arrived. If you want there number let me know and i'll look for it.

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Now lets see, here I believe there's companies that are not in good old SoCal that are way ahead of the performance game.And as far as liners go there's better ones out in world, they are just not made in SoCal.And lets not get a another myth

going on the forum that says they don't work.

You might have guessed by now the big motor which is 454 cc's was not built by anybody in So. Cal.,

and has been running since 1998, the motors can also go much bigger than 454 ccs.

Originally posted by Boomer:

Also, I think I better replace the CB key - was there ever a confirmed material / source for the harder stuff?

I have an '02 - very low hours.

Happy Holidays!


Boomer, if your referring to the key on the counter balancer drive gear, it was my understanding that Yamaha changed this to a spline drive on the '01 and '02 models, eliminating the problem with key wear.

I've just replaced that key on my '00, because it was making more than the usual noise on the right side. The key was notched on both sides, causing a lot of slop in the drive gear. It cost me about five hours of my time and about 1$ in parts.

i go with MX tuner. this was a crank failure first and a gearbox failure second.

oil quality as opposed to when changed is a big thing. you might not have thrashed it this time but you may have overdone it another time? what gearing are you running?

they beefed up the crank, rod and the cases for 2000 i think (the rod was beefed up for 99)so your failure could be age time and amount of thrashing related.


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