Hot Starter cable routing.

I'm trying to install a hot starter from level to carb.  My manual (hard copy) show the cable following the cutch cable mostly on the right side of the bike.  Somewhere after the radiator it turns and goes under the backbone to the carb (Pages 2-23 to 2-29).


However the downloaded version of the manual (Service manual 450 WRF®) show the hot start cable being routed on the left side (Pages 2-26).


Which is the correct routing?



What year is the bike?


Mine is an 08 and runs down the left side under the tank and then under the alum frame to the carb.  It's a tight squeeze, but it fits.


Be sure you can turn your bars to both stops without pulling on the hotstart cable. (don't ask how I know)

What year is the bike?

My bike is a 2006.

My bike is a 2006.

That's a steel frame then. Sorry, I'm of no help.

Mine follows the clutch cable and splits off as seen below.



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