Crossbar on handle bar or no crossbar.

Goin too try a new set of bars on my 2012 yz is the pro taper evo a decent bar. I want too get the windam bend since it seems too be what I'm looking for and comes recomended by other tt members. Should I stick with no cross bar. Thanks in advance.

I believe the biggest difference between having the non-crossbar style vs crossbar is that they offer more flex.

Thanks. That does seem too be the main difference I hear people talking about do you think I'm correct too assume for a 32 year old novice mx racer and occasional week end trail rider that is a benifet. I have heard the cross bar makes them a little stronger in the event of a crash I am not worried about that because if or should I say when I crash that hard if all I have is a set of bent bars I will be a happy camper. Thanks again.

The only time I ever noticed the bar flex was years ago at an mx track (whoops/landings mostly) while riding a friends bike when mine had the Renthal 7/8" bars. After that I switched to the 1 1/4" Protapers and I can't say I really feel the flex anymore but that's just because I'm used to it. One thing is that IMO the 1 1/8" Protapers are very strong bars. I have bent a lot of bars over the years including the 7/8" Renthals, 1 1/4" Renthals, (snapped) an 1 1/8" TAG set but have yet to bend the Protapers. That's just been my experience, hope that's helps.

I currently run the pro taper twin wall with no cross bar and I ride mx exclusively and personally love the amount of flex. I used to run the 7/8" with cross bar and broke a few pairs of those over the years. I've had some pretty good crashes since switching to the pro tapers and have yet to bend them at all. I don't think you'll go wrong switching to n cross bar, just my 2 cents.

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