Oil Screen Wrench

Does anyone know if someone makes a line wrench to fit the Oil Screen on our WR426's? I started to use a regular wrench and it started to round off the nut. Maybe Snap-on or Craftsman? Also, what exact size is this fitting? With the paint and it being rounded a little it's going to be hard to tell.

Thanx, :)


Sears.com, search for "flare nut wrench metric".


pretend it's flat and give it the gas.

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I checked-out the "flare nut wrench metric" out on sears.com, and it looks like it only goes up to 21mm. Isn't the screen nut 24mm?

I saw a post that said to get a 24mm deep socket and a breaker bar for the first removal. I need to do mine this weekend and need a solid-solution as well.

I used a socket...it worked fine.


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I thought it was a 18mm. I hope so because thats the size I ordered from McMaster Carr.

Dennis :)

Ya , I got my mic. on it and it is a 24mm. Oh crap!!!!! :)

Thanks for the help anyway!

Dennis P.S. Does anyone need a 18mm Flare nut wrench!!!!! :D


I use a 15/16" deep 6pt socket. 24mm = .945" and a 15/16 = .9375. The 15/16 actually fits better and I found that my local auto stores had it readilly in stock, not so with the 24mm.

Thanks Russ, I found that out also!


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