More power


I just got a new 2002 426 and was wondering what to do for more power. I figured exhaust was the first thing but after reading some earlier post it dosen't sound like they do much. I don't want to lose reliability but I can stand those 520

pulling me on the straights.(my friend rides one)

Any help would be appreciated.



[ December 23, 2001: Message edited by: ru426 ]

do a search on thunder alley pipes and BK mod...They should help.


The stock bike is plenty fast without waisting cash. Try doing some handling mods like setting the suspension up for your speed and weight. Then see if your buddies 520 can hang with you on the tight technical stuff. Going wide open is only fun for so long.

Does the BK mod still work for the 2002 model bikes. But I also do sand and sand takes away alot of horse power so the more power you make the more fun you have. And my buddy already cant keep with me in the tight stuff this bike really rocks.


[ December 23, 2001: Message edited by: ru426 ]

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