Stock header w/ Slip On vs 08/09 YZF Full Exhaust

On my 09 WR450, how does the stock header w/ Slip On like a Dr.D compare to the stock 08/09 YZ450F Full Exhaust that I have on now? It is the "shorty" pipe that has a real fat diameter head pipe.



The Shorty pipe on the Yz450 gave that bike a smooth low end feeling. At the track you would need to get on it a little harder out of a corner but that was all I noticed between the two. Riding it offroad I actually liked the power curve down low, it was a little more forgiving and made riding technical sections easier. If that's what your use to then the DR.D is going to feel a little more snappy off idle, hit a little harder in mid and feel about the same up top.

The YZ header is a few mm larger in diameter.

This helps top end and over-rev, at the expense of off-idle torque.


The DR D Muffler is larger in core diameter over the YZ muffler.

It is the same type of  difference as the Header.


If you got a Dr D header to go with your Dr D muffler, you would be in the best of both worlds, as the pipe would then be 'tuned' for the exhaust pulses, and you would scavenge more at all rpms. 

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