2014-17 YZ450F Picture thread! Share yours!

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406937347.869154.jpg

Eye candy

How do you like it so far ? I'm debating on getting them for mine!

How about air filter access ?

Awesome makes the bike alot thinner and ups the throttle response lots more air , i put the quarter turn bolts on (modified to work ) getting to the air filter is a breeze and easier than stock .

The black wheels look way better than the blue.



I freaking love this bike.. can't wait to trick it out slowly but surely.


I freaking love this bike.. can't wait to trick it out slowly but surely.

I absolutely love this bike and I have had some but this puts the cherry on top.



Love this bike!


ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1406994086.438733.jpg

Love mine have 28!hours so far so good, I don't like the noise from the tranny when it's idling in neutral sounds like a spun bearing but apparently its just gears meshing,

yeah I was wondering if that noise was normal

It's fine my bike might have one he does it it's a noisy clutch don't worry do your oil and airlifted the bike is amazing and bullet proof no pun intended thanks for fighting for our freedom god bless brother.

dam phone I said airfilter.

Thanks for the support! Ride safe!

I believe it's just the clutch when I pull mine in it stops.

I can't seeing it being the clutch because it's when it's engaged when it's noise, il split the case this winter and il se what's up

I got about 13 hours now so far it's in spec it's probably the 3rd time I check them now it's just so easy ! I change my oil ever second to third ride I've done 5 oil changes so far using yamalube and and those cleanable oil filters!

All I did for the frame and swing arm was take 2000 grit and wd40 wet sand till it's even ! Then wipe it off clean and buff with some mothers aluminum polish using a drill and there spin ball!

those valves are gona be in spec for another 250 hours you don't have to check them lol

Got these for my bike! Filter changes will be a breeze


Here's mine!!



Here's mine!!

nice! Were did you get those graphics?

Here is mine,....







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nice! Were did you get those graphics?

SK designs man.

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