2014-17 YZ450F Picture thread! Share yours!


Coming from a badass 07 Honda I was a little worried during my 4 hour drive to buy the new Yamaha, had never ridden one. Bought it Saturday( 3 days ago) and already been riding 3 times. The bike is an absolute dream. Thought I may keep Honda just to have, but this thing is waaaayyyyyy better in every way. First thing I noticed was how great the suspension felt. Very predictable and comfortable. Motor is surprisingly smooth but keeps pulling in the top. No need to get very close to the rev limiter.. Absolutely blown away by her. The ONLY thing I did was lower the forks about half an inch. I weigh 160 and am 6ft.


Have you rode the bike since you moved the forks up that far?

I moved mine up 4 mm and I didn't like it turned too quick in ruts and was hard to hold a line so I put it back flush

I moved mine up 4 mm and I didn't like it turned too quick in ruts and was hard to hold a line so I put it back flush

That's why i was asking. I put on a Pro Circuit lowering link and had my forks up 4mm at one point and it dug in the sand way too much. So i would think moving them up without a link would ride awful.

One of the tests I read in a mag they liked there forks up 4mm. But not me lol. Its nice because the stock spring rates are perfect for my weight (205) according to the pro circuit spring rate calculator




If I had to bail off of one of these jumps I think I'd end up with a foot like yours.. I almost had too once passed myself

Here's a few pic of my 14.

Here's a few pic of my 14.



Here's a few pic of my 14.

few more pic




sweet bike man .is that a works connection skid plate?

Yeaa it is by the looks of it, I have the same one!

sweet bike man .is that a works connection skid plate?

yes and we'll worth its.. My friend just cracked his case over the weekend in the dessert. He's kicking him self for not spending the $100 buck and now spending xxx to fix it. Thanks for the comment. You have a bike?

This is mine. I'm prepping her for the desert.that skid is next on the list. Guy is crazy it's too hot in the desert right now lol


Nice and clean, can't wait for summer to end. Where you from?

I'm in southern California

Is it worth moving this 14 for a 15?


Do you mean sell? I'd say no pretty much the same bike different suspension valving and a few other small stuff but it looks like you've done your suspension and that looks like a sick bike btw

I woulld agree, the chages made to the 15 are not worth selling. The kit for the quick release on air filter is already available for the 14. As for the suspension you can up grade your 14 to fit your riding style / weight and be money ahead with a better suspension the nth 15. BTW, your bike is sick, very nice...

Look I got the air box clips it's a 2015 now lol


Yeah that were my thoughts. The 15 is not worth upgrading to with whats gone into that 14. B kit suspension upgrades will out do that 15 suspension.

I think some cycra plastic and new decals and see what 16 brings.

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