correct technique for steep hills


just wanted to know - how do you guys tackle steep ,rutted

gravel type hills, do you stand up or sitdown,

i tried sitting down ,thinking its better to keep your weight on the rear wheel,but i found i had no control over

the front wheel,

it took me a good hour to get up this hill , as i was out by myself in the middle of no where.,eventually i just gaesd it as hard as i could ,nearly flying over the mountain edge, dont ever want to be in that situation again

it was even harder falling off halfway up, picking the bike up turning it around ,riding it back down , and then trying again, i did this 6 times,

this was scary stuff


I am not a expert but this is how I do it, I may stand up at the bottom of the hill but I sit down going up and lean forward seating on the gas tank I go as fast as possible you can always slow down going up hill but its hard to speed up with out fliping over towards the top. :)

Yep just like Lewisclan reports. You can modulate the power going to your rear wheel by using the clutch too. This can keep you driving up the hill with out losing the forward momentum you would by chopping the throttle. :)

I would have to agree with putting your weight over the front and keeping even throttle just keep your momentum all the way up if possiable and in the sitting position just my 2cents and a couple of pics climbing a coal slag pile in pa the close up is kinda of a good idea but I was loose in the saddle :) had hitt some pretty big rutts\ rocks on the way up :D

Damm, thats one steep hill. I got to get a video of you climbing that hill. Thats crazy. :)

That was the day we all rode together we went over there in the afternoon n played!!! woowhoo I want bigger the pig just grunts up them!!!

thanks guys for the info, keen to get backout there

and re-try

my hill was about as steep as the pic you posted red tractor,just shorter, i think what made it more difficult , cause it was a logging track, so it was scattered with pine tree logs and

branches .as well, as i was running a pirelli MT 70 rear tyre.



momentum is key and balance :)

As someone who did this last week,

Make sure you got some good nobbies before attempting (made a huge mistake last week with the wrong tires)

Momentum is key, if you find yourself slowing down to maneuver through the ruts, you won't have the power to get out of them

How ya start the hill mostly determines how the rest of it goes. So if you get off to a poor start; abort & just circle back for a better run.

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