Pic of my best riding buddy!!

As I was packing up the ATV today to go check snares, my 3 yr. old asked if he could follow me on the XR50. Most of the snow was gone below 4,500' and the temp had climbed into the mid 30's so I told him to go for it. He made the whole trip and only fell twice. Once in some snow and then crossing a muddy rut. He was so proud of himself for making the whole round, but his ol' Pop was prouder still. :)


He has the attitude!

Put a Big smile on my face :)


Great Picture! :)

That's what I was supposed to be doing today and this weekend...riding with my kids :D It's been one thing after another that prevents us from going. We were supposed to leave this morning for four days of riding, but yesterday my son's bike fell over and hit a rock at our house which cracked the fuel tank on the seam and the fuel was leaking out. Of course all the stores were closed for New Years eve, so getting a new tank was impossible, but I fixed it via plastic welding and quicksteel. After fixing that mess, I broke a toe and was limping around, but that wasn't going to stop me from this trip. Then I noticed our truck had a puddle of antifeeze underneath it, but I fixed that with some wrenching and plenty of swearing. I had finished cleaning a half dozen air filters earlier and they were almost dry after sitting in front of a fan for an hour. The kitchen counter was a mess for various reasons and I was running out of space, so I temporarily placed the air filters in our oven and left the door open so my wife would see them because she always turns on the oven without looking to see what's inside and would have surely burned them up. The doorbell rings and a neighbor needs some help, so I hobble over to help them out and I have one of my sons finish cleaning up in the kitchen. I came home and was resting for a few minutes until I smelled smoke :D. I looked at the oven and smoke was pouring from the top of the door seal :D. My son had closed the oven door while cleaning up and my wife decided to heat the oven and of course she didn't look inside it before turning it on :D Every air filter inside was melted and what's left of them looks like crispy golden hardened goo among the black char :D I guess riding this weekend with my kids wasn't meant to be, but it's nice to look at your picture and dream of what I was supposed to be doing :D

Every air filter inside was melted and what's left of them looks like crispy golden hardened goo among the black char

:D:usa::D :D :D:usa: :usa:

Nothing like crispy, golden, hardened goo for dinner. Did you have to clean the oven? :):D Sorry about the ride being cancelled but next time will be even better after this ordeal. :D:usa:

Did you have to clean the oven?

I had one stroke of luck in that they were on an older cookie sheet so only that was goopy, but man....the smell :) Our kitchen & family room still stinks :D:D:D

I decided to cook steaks tonight, but the barbeque ran out of propane right after it warmed up. I decided to broil them instead since the oven where I melted the filters is seperate, but the steaks still had a funny smell to them like Uni-Melt filters after they were cooked. Our dogs didn't seem to mind :usa: We've now decided to camp in our backyard tongiht and cook inside our trailer since we can't get to the desert, but our riding is limited to a small oval in our backyard and the tolerance of our neighbors :D :D :D

Thats a great picture! My 2 year old was looking at the picture with me and loved it. He's got a pw50 with training wheels. I tied a rope to it to control him and put the trottle stop down all the way. So he's been on it since he was about 1 1/2 years old. Hope he's riding like your little guy at 3! He also loves motocross videos, thats what he falls asleep to every night. his favorite is Terrafirma III. Guess I'm lucky its not Barney.

Cool picture CYBORG :D I have the '78 Z50 that my little brother learned on and I was thinking of restoring it for my son. It has been through about 10 kids now and is in pretty sorry shape. The XR50 he is with in the pic actualy belongs to a cousin. He leaves it here because he has no where to ride it at home.

I am going to have to get him his own 50 soon but he insists on having a Kawasaki because he likes green. :D Maybe I can find green plastic for an XR50. :)

Guess I'm lucky its not Barney.


My son's favorites are the old Blackwater 100 videos. He watches them over and over. He will be 4 in Feb. and has never ridden a bicycle without training wheels. It's tough to find a flat place here to learn on and there are no paved lots for miles. He kind of just got on the 50 one day and took off. I guess he figures he would rather twist a throttle than pedal anyway. :D

That is a classic photo to keep forever. :D The helmet really gives away the size of the pilot. Can you imagine how many great days of riding he has in front of him?? :):D


That helmet is friggin huge! Any day now he is going to take his pops big ole xr650r for a spin. :)


That helmet is friggin huge! Any day now he is going to take his pops big ole xr650r for a spin. :)

Ain't that the truth...it'll be sooner than you think!! Last time I took the XR100 for a spin( yeah, I'm allowed) I got spanked by my middle son on the 80!! :D Great Pic SW. Riding with the kids is GREAT! :D

and mine............. faa0f22d.jpg


Hey Stonewall,

What kind of riding boots is your son wearing? Looks like cowboy boots. :)

Great picture, he is certainly a solidly built fellow. :D

BTW, What do you trap?

Great pictures, I wish i would have started riding when I was their age, just hit 22,only been riding for a year.

Brett :)

What kind of riding boots is your son wearing? Looks like cowboy boots.

They are just a pair of waterproof boots I got him for playing in the mud and snow. I plan on getting him some riding gear soon. There won't be much riding around here for the next couple of months anyway because of the weather, so I'll probably wait until Spring.

He is certainly a solidly built fellow.

He is pretty solid. He has either been walking behind me or riding on my back everyday since he was 1.5 months old. That's when I quit my job to take up farming full time and to become a stay at home dad. He already knows how to do just about every job around here. :) He has never been with sitter in his life. Just mom and pop.

What do you trap?

I trap lots of these


Because they like to snack on lots of these


There are way more coyotes around here than people and it's a constant fight to keep them out of the livestock. I used to trap Black Bears for the VA Game Commission and still have to catch one of those occasionally. I usually let the bear go though. The fun part is getting a 200+ lb bear out of a snare while he's still alive. :D :D

Nice photos. We have alot of coyotes around here (southern AZ, high desert). They are so numerous that at night they can fill the whole area for miles with their calls. You never see a stray cat around here. :)

I wouldn't try freeing a mad bear from a snare unless it was tranquilized. Do you simply cut a line or are you talking about a metal trap?

The fun part is getting a 200+ lb bear out of a snare while he's still alive.

I'd like to see that

I'd like to see that

Come out for a visit. I could always use a hand holding the catch stick. :)

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